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Richard during his Sixth Year.

Richard Liethbridge Venables was a pureblood wizard born into the esteemed Venables family to Rodico Venables and Vecresha Malfoy. The son of two purebloods, he was raised to believe in the importance of blood purity. He attended Hogwarts between 1991 and 1998 and was sorted into Slytherin.

He was good friends with his cousin Draco Malfoy, the only person Draco treated as his equal. He was a prefect of House Slytherin and went onto become a member of the Inquisitorial Squad alongside his girlfriend Pansy Parkinson.

Along with his girlfriend he was often known to tease and harass Gryffindor students and often abused his power to further his own personal ends. However he was extremely popular with his teachers, being the brightest student Slytherin had to offer in the Defence Against Dark Arts and Magizoology.

With Draco gone and Slytherin being undermined by the Second Wizarding War, Richard ended up usurping the 'throne' from his friend Draco and began to lead the Slytherin students who had followed Draco and Richard. Eventually being made Headboy.

He was known to be arrogant and obnoxious, with a intense hatred for Hermoine Granger who he saw as his most bitter academic rival.

He was known to hold a grudging respect towards the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore.

He privately acknowledged the return of the Dark Lord and was a death eater like his Cousin Draco up until the Battle of Hogwarts, where he revealed his true loyalties. 

Richard married and had three children, Draco, Melodinus and Lucien Venables. He became the Head of Slytherin House in the third year of his tenior as professor of Magizoology and Care for Magical Creatures as well as teaching Magical History and Study of Ancient Runes.

His eldest son Draco was sorted into Slytherin and was a friend of Scorpius Malfoy the two having grown up together. Richard was untrusting of having Albus Potter within his house and was known to have said that "Potters didn't belong in Slytherin... it would never work out."

His younger son, Lucien was also sorted into Slytherin and was known as Slytherin's finest quiditch seeker ever, much to his father's delight.

His only daughter, Melodinus was a powerful witch, who was sorted into Slytherin and excelled at Divination, she despised Albus Potter and Rose Granger-Weasley and had a fierce rivalry with them.


Draco MalfoyEdit

Draco Malfoy being Richard's Cousin, grew up very close to each other and forged a firm friendship. When they went to Hogwarts they became the unofficial leaders of Slytherin House. They both joined the Death Eaters, if reluctantly.

Raven PotterEdit

At first Richard had a deep hatred of Raven, due to her relations to Harry Potter. However over the years Richard became firm friends with her and protected her a number of times from attack.