Rebecca is the best friend of Elena Potter in the muggle world. She is a vampire, sorceress, wizard, and of course a gamer like the rest of us.


Jackie Estacado is the father of Rebecca and Sally Estacado is her sister. Jenny Romano is the mother of Rebecca and Sally, though she died when they were very young. She later merged with the angelus rage an angel-like but very evil thing monster...

Becca is married to Dante, Son of Sparda and her best friend is her sister in-law and Dante's brother is her brother in-law. When Dante finally fell to Vergil to protect Rebecca from Vergil and Raven, she began to develop demonic powers even though she didn't have any demonic blood within her.

Wizard Club MemberEdit

Rebecca is a member of the Wizard Club, though she is not part of the Wizard Club's golden trio. Rebecca is very loyal and dedicated to the Wizard Club, but was considered a temporary traitor during the Battle of Hogwarts, as she was forced by the Dark Lord to fight the Wizard Club.

Hogwarts YearsEdit

Rebecca was never involved in Harry, Ron, Hermione, Raven, Emily, and Angel's activities in saving the school or being the heroes of Hogwarts, though in her 4th year she agreed to join Dumbledore's Army where she first met Raven and went with the few members that went the Ministry of Magic more towards the end of that year to save Sirius Black.

Becca never really got along with Raven when Raven hung around Draco because she held a grudge on him for throwing a potato at her in her first year. (Hey, he could've been at least a little bit more mature, I mean he was in his 3rd year and she was in her first).