Early Life Edit

Like Jonathan Thorn, Kassadin was alone. He was not born from anyone; he was simply a spawn. He lived in Manhattan most of his life; fending for himself. He was highly skilled in fighting; he trained himself. By the age of 18 he found Jonathan, they became close friends rather fast. They had a bit in common, they were both great fighters and above all else, both alone. They both attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the same time. They split in both of their 5th years in Hogwarts when Jonathan dropped out and assisted Raven in fighting the Dark Lord Voldemort.

The Daughter and the Void Edit

At the age of 26 Kassadin had a daughter, a normal girl living a normal life. His wife went missing a year after his daughter's birth. By the age of 5 his daughter went missing as well. After years of research he discovered The Void. The Void a place not easily accessible. He came to the conclusion that his daughter was taken by "The Prophet of The Void", Malzahar to be fed on. After years of searching and no luck he resulted to asking his old friend Jonathan Thorn for assistance. Jonathan assisted him in finding and fighting Malzahar which then lead to them finding his daughter, Rek'Sai. The Void changes you. Most of them came out different. Kassadin, his daughter and Jonathan. They've evolved. Ever since then his daughter now known as Rek'Sai is living a secluded life; staying out of trouble. Kassadin since has been participating in The Dark Wizard Club.