Date - 9/20/1944 Crosh, Germany Dear Diary,

Horrible news. My battalion lost the battle of Raleigh. We were overwhelmed, outgunned by Allied forces. We were forced to retreat back to Germany. Hitler was less than pleased.

Flying the Swastika is as much an honor as it is a burdon. Hundreds of my brothers die each month. More and more battles lost. America pushing us back.

But as a man of science I have discovered a way to punish America and all who opposed Nazi Germany. Something I call the Nectar.

The Nectar was disovered by me. Found in the hearts of terrified American hearts. Fear is its essence. Over the years, I have found that the most powerful weapon in war is not some cannon or projectile. No. It is what we call primal fear. It decides the fate of the winning side and losing side.

The Nectar is a powerful chemical compound, not found in nature as I mentioned, and; when carefully injected into the veins of a soldier, it creates a primal warrior, a BERSERKER, unstoppable and sworn to destroy its enemy. I will soon have enough Nectar to mass produce to the entire Nazi force, and, in turn, the war will end in days.

May 25th 1945

No! Bah. Naturally, the day I begin to mass produce the Nectar... the war ends. And I am on the losing side.

Life is too cruel. I spent years on this project... only to have the Allies storm into my lab and DESTROY ALL BUT 1 VIAL OF THE NECTAR.

I'm ruined. I sold my soul to Science and it neglected me in turn. Everything I've done since I was a child was for science... My colleagues have said that if everything you do is for Science, then everything Science will do is for you.

No. Simply a lie. I dedicated my life to science and in turn Science ended me up with 2 bullet wounds and laying in my crimson bed in a cave. All I have now is the one vial left and a syringe. And they are both starting to look very friendly...

I am coming for you.