Early Life

Jonathan Thorn was born somewhere in the outskirts of New York City; his parents unknown. As he grew older he eventually made his way to Manhattan. During his early teenage years he was raised by a boy few years older than him named Kassadin. Kassadin, like Jonathan was homeless and abandoned by his parents.

They lived on the streets of New York City until they were then picked up by Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where they met Raven Lily Potter; sister of Harry James Potter. Jonathan and Raven began dating shortly after. Jonathan and Kassadin split in their 5th year when Jonathan dropped out along side Raven to assist in fighting Lord Voldemort. They unknowingly had intentions to one day join him.

During his 4th year of Hogwarts he joined The Wizard Club with Raven. Originally created to destroy the Dark Lord Voldemort, but later used to help fight anyone and anything that posed a threat to the magical realm.

City Life

Jonathan decided the city was more suitable for a homeless 13 year old. Although not easy his city life wasn't the worst. Some days he would be handed food and money without any effort put into it, other days his food would be stepped on or even stolen.

By the time he was 14 and a half he was joined by another homeless kid a few years older than him named Kassadin. They both lived on the streets co-dependently for a while after.

He was a tough child he was able to fight 2-3 people his size at a time; although it was not easy. Later he decided he needs a some sort of defense other than his fist. After years and years of living on the streets he finally came up with enough spare money to purchase a gun. He purchased a scratched up desert eagle from a young cugine who was part of the Bonanno family; one of the top crime families in NYC. The gun was likely stolen but what did he care? It only cost him $100. He rarely concealed the weapon, he spent most of his leisure time polishing and bettering the weapon. Cops didn't care he was 16 with a desert eagle. They wanted no part in it. They knew he was abandoned; the whole 25 block radius knew. They were afraid he didn't care to go to jail or not. By the time he was wielding a gun he was seen as crazy; a loose cannon. People were afraid. The gun paid for itself within a year. People gave him money out of fear. He knew what was going on and felt bad for it, but still continued to polish his weapon daily.

The Wizard Club / Dark Wizard Club

He joined the Wizard Club during his 4th year of Hogwarts alongside his girlfriend Raven Lily Potter. The two later rebelled to create The Dark Wizard Club which was later joined by an old friend of Jonathan and Raven's, Kassadin.