How James Got to Into Ravenwood Edit



Omen Jason's dad

James was found out side of Omen's Hideout by Omen Stirbog himself. Omen took James in and raised him as his own also. James was taught the forbidden shadow magic. After James reached the age of 10, Omen sent James into Ravenwood to learn magic, James took up the storm school taught Halston Balestrom.

James' Childhood Edit


Since James was raised by Omen he only knew how to use things like swords and bows. Because of this, he didn't last too long in Ravenwood. He only lasted about 10 years before he went to Avalon to train as a knight to protect the town from the Goblins. James moved through the ranks of knights extremely quickly, becoming a Knight Of The Silver Rose. As James was out in the Wild he met a lady named Ceara AshBury. Shortly after they met, they became lovers and got married at the age of 18.

James' Great Fight Edit


James was sent out to defeat a Shadow beast terrorizing Polaris. Jason was sent out with a squad of mixed rank of knights. They arrived to the beast cave and fought the beast. One by one James' squad fell. It was down to James and Ceara AshBury and a low ranking cowardly knight. Ceara jumped in front of the knight to protect him, yet she sacrificed herself in the process. James watching this happen caused James to go on a massive frenzy using a mixture of lighting and shadow towards the beast. Towards the death the shadow beast said "I cannot believe me, I Omen Stirbog could lose to an ordinary knight!" James still in his frenzy did not realize his dad laid before him. As James returned to normal he could feel that he had been in the cave before, but thought nothing of it. James went to check on his wife but it was too late she had already died. The coward knight was no where to be found either. James took the Luphilim Armour from the beast, and called him self the Shadow Slayer "I am the shadow beast now." James said to himself. James never returned to Avalon becoming a nomad just traveling the world. Protecting people in need or offering help.


Ceara AshBury

Abilities Edit

  • Specter

Turn into a harmless shadow, cannot be hurt and is hardly visible.

  • Trans-locate

Can teleport to anything or anyone, can teleport people that James is touching as well

  • Shadow Sentinel

Can go into a "Tanky" Shadow form, making damage that allies take transferred to James instead

  • Lightning

James can control Electricity, for a short amount of time