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Change in Staff at the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts School

For us to be so bold about a topic like this is rare, however the Wizarding community must know; You-Know-Who's return was not just a rumor, it is fact. He has a daughter close enough to the age of Raven Lily Potter and the Wizard Club stated that they are in fact, best friends.

Potter and [LeStrange-?]Riddle now run Hogwarts. It appears the Dark Arts classes haven't begun like they did during the Second Wizard War but Delphini has a violent streak according to Headmaster Professor McGonnagall. We asked her why she's taken no action against the to and her response was, "Power, I do have, but the Potter girl is undeniably one of, if not the most powerful witch in existence. There wouldn't be a battle at all."

Things seem Dark, but it appears things have worked out in our favor, as Ms. Potter is trying to be diplomatic about the entire situation. There have been no deaths so far, but sources report the Death Eaters kidnapped three children from the Wizard Club (later returned) and the cruciautus curse has been used.

Harry Potter, Head of Magical Law Enforcement fears Raven may throw Minister Granger out of her position, however he believes he is not in danger this time.

The Dark Wizard Club - Potter Fraternizing with the Enemy!

As things grow darker, we've dug deeper to understand the severity of the Dark Lord's return. We've discovered from talking to Jason Daniels, current leader of the Wizard Club, You-Know-Who's daughter and Miss Raven Potter have started a group that broke off from the Wizard Club, known as the Dark Wizard Club.

It is confirmed, Raven is officially a Death Eater but this group takes things a step further. While in connection with the Dark Lord, the group also has more powerful beings. Daniels tells us the members he knows of are, Sage Blackthorn; a sorcerer from the United States of America, Delphini Riddle; the Dark Lord's daughter- Capable of wandless magic and flight without a broom, Raven Potter; Capable of extraordinary abilities beyond that of any magical being, Jonathan; A boy new to the Wizarding World but is capable of abilities that come from a place called the Void, Damien Thorn; The AntiChrist. Capable of magic, and murder by telekinesis. He's known for it.

If there are any other members of the Dark Wizard Club, the members are unknown or unconfirmed at this time. We need help... Will Harry Potter be the Chosen One once again?

(OOC: OUT OF CHARACTER) Pirates Online Retribution

We are currently playing Pirates Online Retribution which is a new Pirates of the Caribbean Online emulator. It has been in open alpha since September 22, 2016.


for more info.

Hello, everyone, Raven here! I understand not everyone is a huge fan of Pearson Wright but the game is moving along faster than The Legend of Pirates Online. I am not biased by either game, I am just going with whatever game comes out faster. May the best emulator win.

~Article by Elena (Raven) Lily Potter

(OOC: OUT OF CHARACTER) World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft currently holds one of our non-canon required guilds, <The Sassy Belf Clan> if anyone is interested in joining. The guild is on the RP server, Shadow Council. Messge Raven Potter if you would like to join on there.