Chrono's bio Edit

Chrono is quiet and doesn't really have many friends, She is kind of a loner and always seemed sarcastic. She is really skilled in drawing, and is very Smart.

Chrono's Outfit Edit

If you ever saw Chrono you'd always see her with a blue hoodie on with her hair poking out from the top, and graffiti designed leggings, and maybe spray paint if she was going to do some graffiti later on that day

How Chrono got Powers Edit

Chrono was helping develop was a portable time machine and she was able to take home the prototype, While bored at home one day she used the Time machine and everything was fine and dandy until a few minutes later, she dropped her drawing utensil, while it was falling she noticed everything slowed down into bullet time until she caught it. Chrono quickly learned how to control and take advantage of her ability.

Overwatch graffiti tracer render by popokupingupop90-dbeua21

Chrono's Hobbies Edit

After Chrono learned how to control her abilities she started using her ability, for the wrong reasons. Chrono started to do a lot of graffiti and using her abilities to avoid the authorities. Chrono also used her abilities for good sometimes helping other people by catching things for them or saving civilian lives.

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Another photo of chrono

Affiliations Edit

Chrono is a part of the Wizard club

Random things Edit

  • Her pistols are actually called Pulse Pistols
  • Chrono is short tempered
  • Chrono is bold
  • Chrono likes James and expresses it by stepping up for him or by protecting him.
  • Likes Rain
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